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1. Ambulance Chaser

Your a human debaser

You’re an ambulance chaser

And we know what you’re after

In the fleeting final chapter

Of this monologue

It’s a recipe for the dog eat dog

There’s a siren this morning

Like a distant early warning

And there’s blood in the paper

Where the sky meets the scraper

When all you can feel

Is the cum and the cash and the glass and the steel

It’s all gone to hell

Suicide city

And all you can smell is the piss and the pity

In this dark city, this dark city

But it’s all gonna fall man yeah don’t you worry

The hammer and the claw

The filth and the fury

In this dark city, this dark city

In this dark city, this dark city

2. Church of the Chemical DJ

Quicksand Ativan razor blade

Wonderland of the free

Coma of the brave

Uptight satellite soldier boy

One day home from the scene

One foot in the grave

If you can’t go blind… then get saved

In the church of the chemical d.j.

A grenade

In search of a reason not to detonate

Square root parachute opioids

A generation in cold free fall

Stage-fright water-tight alibi

Hey kid, stick to the “script”

A chemical curtain call

If you can’t get lost then get saved

In the church of the chemical D.J

Kickstands and handlebars   

You threw ‘em all away

Now it’s crash landings and bumper cars

But if you ain’t got nothing you can’t give nothin’ away

The Commissar of chemicals

Seduce and then sedate

Like ten thousand tentacles

So just keep your lip buttoned

And watch what you say

If you don’t know nothin’ you can’t give nothin away

Get saved in the church of the chemical d.j.

(Quicksand Ativan razor blade)

The d.j.

(Stage-fright water tight alibi)

The d.j.

(Uptight satellite soldier boy)

3. RIP Van Winkle

Pull the blind

Can you still see the colours in my eyes?

Do they dance in the prism of the light

Slipping silently into that gentle night

Been and gone

I’m a prisoner in this body from now on

What was once a choir is now a monologue

Dustin’ down the dirty attic of my thoughts

Like the thrum of a rumour

Like the hum in the space between the songs

Through the years

Grinding like a pair of rusty gears

I’ll be sliding slow and sleeping at the wheel

Till my soul is repossessed and then revealed

As the love that we’re given

Is what life is to living

Like the bars of a prison facing outside and in at the same time

All the time


Neither fair nor foul


It strikes me just like how the quest in the question

Never comes when it’s bidden

Like the ink in the sentence

Keeps a few secrets hidden in the lines

In the lines

4. Can’t Be Love

Too many people with a broken heart

This can’t be love, this can’t be love

A sad salvation in the moon and stars

This can’t be love

Bruised and broken and pulled apart

This can’t be love, this can’t be love

A million bad apples in the apple cart

This can’t be love

One drop of courage in a sea of dark     

But you keep swimming like a Great White shark

This can’t be love

This can’t be love, this can’t be love

This can’t be love

This can’t be love

I – wear the burden of proof 

Love be confused…could be your blues 

Drugs or drama, cold stoic armour 

Tell me if you want me to

Groove theory interventions… had to break the records 

For the longest time spent… in neglect and abandonment 

To heal the deep cuts of self reflection 

Now I know if it belittles then it can’t be love 

Yeah, now I know if it belittles  then it can’t be love, love

5. One Horse Town

Put the face to the name

Put the feet to the flame

And it’s all eyes down

With your back to the wall

Tip the scale, make the call

And they all fall down

Last jockey in a one horse town

Trash talking at the speed of sound

One more iron in the fire

One more lie

One more liar

And we’ve all lost count

But the truth is immune

Like the sun and the moon

When it all comes out

Four horsemen in a one horse town

Ghost riders when there’s no one around

Trash talking at the speed of sound

Last jockey in a one horse town

6. The Undertow

Hey you sweet little undertow

Why do you lie in wait for everyone

Who knows where all the shipwrecks go?

And why they turn their back upon the sun?

While we strain, we strive, we bail, we dive

We wipe the salt out of our eyes

You sail upon waves to deep and dark to fathom

Hey you sweet little avalanche

So cool and yet so ready to explode

If you just give us half a chance

We’d find a way to lighten the load

We’d search, we’d call, we’d dig, we’d crawl

We’d shine our lights across the snow

We’d scale the highest heights to bring you home

And it’s hard to begin

When you’re strange in your skin

And you live on the moon

Such a terrible wound

So you breathe deep and slow

I don’t know, I don’t know

If it’s hard to be young

But it’s hard to be anyone

Hey you sweet little hurricane

You twist and then you turn away

But we’ll stand, astound, we’ll bend, unbound

We will remain and hold our ground

And each day we’ll stay that way till we nail it all down

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  1. Ambulance Chaser Ron Hawkins 2:33
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Trash Talkin’ At The Speed Of Sound

Release Date : May 12, 2023
Artist : Solo
Format : CD, Digital Download, Vinyl
Catalog ref. : 004123